Who is in charge of a gathering?

In our fellowship (or society) our gatherings for reverence are led by anyone the Members invite to do so.  We call the role the president for the day as the person who is invited does just that: they preside over the meeting.

The president changes, gathering by gathering.  The name of the president for the day for each gathering is usually announced on the website in advance.

Here is what we say about the role of president for the day:

Over this gathering — here, now — I preside.

Like The Angel of the North I spread arms of winging welcome.

Like the Moon tracing across the daily sky I accompany your journey.

Like the standing stones of Stonehenge I make safe space, and structure.

I am:


Your bridge

To the Divine,

Yours to walk across,

Yours to question

As the mouthpiece

Of a community

Owing answers.


Your stand-in

For the time

You cannot offer,

You do not take

To study,

Or to contemplate,

Seeking answers.


Your leader 

To the climb

You and I are making.

You I show my failing,

Open up my striving,

Uncover all my yearning.

See me

For who

I am.

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