Monday, 15 September 2014

September meeting

Our September meeting was led by Lucy and it recognised the general anxiety, doubt and uncertainty of the times.  Some words to help us through such times were taken from two sources - the New Testament of the Bible and an ancient Chinese tale.  Both of these challenged us to change our perceptions of what is happening to us and around us and so to open our minds to the opportunities and freedoms we do actually already have.

We contrasted our own uncertainties with how we react to and feel about people whose beliefs deal only in certainties.  We found we may not be dissimilar after all.  We lit many candles of intent remembering issues and people that matter deeply to us and we also shared the humour on some fridge magnets !  The music we listened to reflected the joy of living, and how when we work towards fellowship we will find that humans are their own masters and will not have to look beyond their own experience and insight for guidance.